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About us

Redwoods Advance Pte Ltd

Dedicated to delivering results, Redwoods Advance provides a platform for companies who wish to engage in Personal Selling or Sales Promotion activities.

As a specialized face-to-face marketing organization with a proven track record, we provide the strategy techniques and the fulfilment to enable our clients to create nationwide awareness and assist them to take their products/services directly to their chosen customers.

In partnership with associate offices which are internationally established, at Redwoods Advance you collaborate with a valuable collective resource of full-time personnel, all highly skilled and coached in sales and promotional work, events/and exhibitions, client account management, market intelligence, creative designing and brand awareness.

Redwoods Advance, where integrity is a cornerstone expectation.

Organization Direction

By The End Of 2024

We strive to achieve and expand our influence to even greater heights by setting goals ahead of us and working hard to achieve it.

150 Manpower
5 New Offices
15 Senior Management Team
30 Junior Management Team
5 Cities
7 Divisions

We influence to improve

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously build and extend our influence to build definite improvement to be the pre-eminent face to face marketing organisation in our chosen territories

Our Customer

Providing our customer with ever increasing market share delivered through professional, fun and cost effective

Our People

Partnership with ever increasing opportunities to develop themselves and their careers